Sunday, September 14, 2014

Let me Introduce Who We Are!

Hellooooo world! I am excited to announce the launch of our new blog, Lights! Camera! ARIA!, and to share with all of you who and what we are.

First, let me start with telling you a bit about myself, because who doesn't want to know about the writer? ;-) My name is Jessica and I am a mommy first and foremost. I have 4 amazingly awesome kiddos that drive me completely insane on a regular basis, but of course, like any mother, I can't get enough of them. LOL! I am also a wife, daughter and friend to...well, you know who you all are. I am a Clarinet player, a writer and a lover of all things Performing Arts. What can I say? The arts have my heart. 

I know you're dying of anticipation at this point so I will no longer keep you waiting, let's get to what this Blog is all about. American Renaissance Institute of Arts, or ARIA for short, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) located in the wonderful suburb of Sacramento known as Elk Grove! 

Our founder and CEO, Ms. Joanna Roberts, had a vision for Elk Grove...a Public, Professional Performing Arts Center boasting TWO theatres! But her idea didn't stop there. She wanted a program with classes in all areas of the Performing Arts for the youth of Elk Grove and beyond no matter what their monetary situation. She also thought, why stop there? Lets have an instrument repair shop right on site so our students can both rent from us AND have their instruments cared for in one place. 

It is with great honor that I get to announce the first stage of her vision is up and running and Elk Grove is now home to a program that has 3 Academies; Music, Theatre and Dance. Each Academy offers a plethora of classes so students can choose what it is that they are truly interested in learning, whether they want to recite poetry, play jazz saxophone or dance in a tutu, ARIA gives children ages 6 months to 18 years the chance not only to perform on stage, but to learn what it means to be a Performing Artist. 

At ARIA we believe that when children have a passion for something, they shouldn't have to wait until college to learn about it. 

So, I'm sure you're probably thinking, "Oh something like this has GOT to cost an arm and a leg and maybe even a little blood!" But you'd be wrong in that assumption because Elk Grove ARIA is not only about learning the Arts but about bringing it into your child's life in an affordable way. $99 a month for 2 classes a week! 

Go see for yourself if you don't believe me! ELK GROVE ARIA

And do me a favor, since I've so kindly graced you with the presence of this blog...SUBSCRIBE to it! And then go follow us on all of the social media outlets! 

Don't miss out on a chance to bring your child into a community filled with staff and instructors that love the Performing Arts. We are one big family at ARIA and we look forward to you and your children joining in on all of the fun!

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